Posted on by Steven Esler


The word ‘Dragon’s Blood’ may seem slightly intimidating in skincare but rest assured, this innovative ingredient is actually a natural plant resin that comes from the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon. A super ingredient, the tree sap (comprising of water, mineral elements, and other nutrients) has been used for thousands of years! It's used to make natural latex rubber, adhesives and medical dressings, chewing gum, and now face creams.

Our Dragon’s Blood Instant Eye Lift Balm contains Dragon’s Blood Extract which has protective, firming and soothing properties. It forms a unique protective 'second skin' which works to protect the skin from outside aggressors, reduces irritation and redness and heals the skin.Making it the ultimate skincare staple.

It also contains 3% Liftonin-Xpress, another innovative ingredient which helps prolong and protect the tightening and lifting of the skin.It smooths and minimizes wrinkles and improves the micro-structure in the eye areaperfect for those peskycrows feet.