Posted on by Steven Esler

Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Wrinkle Freeze SerumWhat would you say about a product that claims to eliminate those pesky wrinkles you’ve wanted rid of? That’s impossible right? Well here at Balance Active Formula, we have the perfect product that is designed for exactly that; the Snake Venom Wrinkle Freeze Serum which is suitable for all skin types.

The key active ingredient in these productisSnake venom, also known Syn-Ake. Although it may seem slightly intimidating in skincare, Snake Venom is actually more a dream that nightmare. A small peptide(FYI not real snake venom), it’s designed to mimic the activity of wagler in 1, a polypeptide that’s found in the venom of a Temple Viper. Because venom is a snake’s natural form of defence, it contains neuro toxins that paralyze victims by impacting their neuromuscular function this is similar to the process of botox; preventing muscle contractions and therefore wrinkles relax and soften. Syn-Ake has been developed for the purpose of smoothing and anti-ageing, and is effective against expression lines by relaxing facial muscles.

Genius really –miming an ingredient that causes muscle paralysis! Itching to try it out? Grab yours now for just £4.99