Posted on by Adam Badini

The country has been on lockdown since March, as it has been the perfect time to focus on self-care regimes and try out something new within skincare; whether that be trialling a new morning routine or experimenting with new skincare products to give us the skin we have always dreamt of. Here at Balance Active Formula, we are going to share with you our top skincare essentials to keep skin healthy during lockdown and beyond.

A Gentle Cleanser:

Makeup or no makeup, washing your face at the end of each day is essential! But once is not enough, we recommend cleansing first thing every morning too. We recommend a gentle, soothing product in order to clean but not strip the skin of it’s natural oils. Our favourite is the Creighton’s H20 Boost Hyaluronic Foaming Gel Wash infused with hyaluronic acid and marine algae extract- what’s better is it’s only £2.49!

 Hydrogel Masking:

Since lockdown, most of us have had a lot more time on our hands and we have been taking advantage of the time by using hydrating, relaxing masks. We suggest using our Gold Collagen Rejuvenating hydrogel eye and face masks that will give you a radiant glow and more even complexion.

hydrogel mask, gold collagen, eye mask

Vitamin C Serum:

Stress, lack of sleep and extended periods of time indoors are the perfect combination for dull, sallow skin, which is why our next tip is to use effective brightening agents in your skincare regime, such as Vitamin C that will give you that all important glow! Our Vitamin C serum contains 4% Illumiscin and 2% Stay-C® 50, two forms of stabilised Vitamin C, to help reduce the appearance of age spots, for a brighter and more even-looking skin tone- for only £3.99, it is no wonder it is our hero product.

vitamin c, vitamin c serum

Eye Cream

The question we’re all wondering is, do you really need to use a separate cream for your eyes? The short answer is yes. The skin around the eye is more sensitive and delicate than other areas of the body. The concerns you may wish to address around your eyes, such as dark circles, are not necessarily what you would like to address for the rest of your face. This is why we recommend using an eye cream in order to brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines, but be gentle enough to not trigger irritation in a delicate area of the face. Our Dragons Blood Instant Eye Lift Balm helps skin around the eyes appear instantly lifted and tightened.

dragons blood, dragons blood serum


We all know that a really good moisturiser is the key to happy, hydrated and glowing skin. As we enter the summer months, the idea of putting on a moisturiser may make you cringe, but lightweight hydration is key to achieving a balanced complexion. No matter what skin type, moisturisers help to lock in hydration as well as the benefits of your other products, such as serums used prior. We’re obsessed with the Creightons H20 Boost Hyaluronic Day Gel for just £3.99.